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Re: Moving deprecated Odoo modules to OCA repos

Holger Brunn
- 10/08/2017 11:21:22
> - Is it OK to have non-CLA compliant code in OCA repos?  In what cases
> should that be allowed?

I think no, because either we can relicense all of OCA or not. If we
can't, we'll have to look through all commits anyways. But...

> - If yes, what should be the procedure to approve that inclusion?

...if we put a marker on modules (manifest key or a new 'license') to
taint them, this will be less painful. I'd only fear a proliferation of
such modules, but if we can keep them to very specific cases, that's
workable I guess.
Or put the marker on the commits themselves, then we can filter them out
automatically if necessary and rewrite the missing ones.

> - is there any chance that Odoo/Fabien can agree signing the OCA CLA?

That would be optimal of course. Or maybe (because the CLA is very
broad) establish a process to waive copyright for specific pieces of
code as in this case to the OCA?

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