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Moving deprecated Odoo modules to OCA repos

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 10/08/2017 10:48:21

Hello all,

The case at hand is the "hr_evaluation" Odoo module, removed from Odoo CE in 9.0.
I made a PR to import the available module history to OCA/hr#9.0, to lay ground for it to be maintained ported and maintained by the community.

Holger rightly pointed out that the authors of any in OCA repos must have signed the CLA, and Odoo didn't.
This is particularly relevant, given what recently happened in the OCA/vertical-medical, where we had claims over legacy code that forced their removal (although the underlying problem there was something very different - someone in the past removed attribution from the original authors, and that was not known to the OCA and it's contributors).

On one hand, it is open source code, so there is no problem to "hijack" Odoo's code:
anyone is free to copy and fork it as link as they keep attribution and the same (or compatible license).

However, the OCA has an expectation of being able to relicense code (to an OSI compliant license, as per bylaws) if needed.
This expectation won't be true for the "hr_evaluation" since the author didn't sign the CLA, so we would have to ask for permission if such relicensing need arises.

So, this begs a couple of questions:
- Is it OK to have non-CLA compliant code in OCA repos?  In what cases should that be allowed?
- If yes, what should be the procedure to approve that inclusion?
- is there any chance that Odoo/Fabien can agree signing the OCA CLA?