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[11591] Re: Python & Ingenico mobile payment device. New open-source package. Looking for contributors.

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 03/08/2017 16:58:07
Hi Ahmed,

no worries about your English. Not an native speaker either it reads
pretty well understandable to me. As for your solution, i had a brief
look at it and it seems to be nicely fitting into an old requirement we
had with one of our customers on Odoo POS. I will forward this to the
respective project manager in my team. Be sure we come back to you as
soon as it works out to be a starting point to automate this
integration on their POS. Thanks for contributing in the meanwhile, i
have a least read through the README an sent you a PR for that

Kind regards


Am Donnerstag, den 03.08.2017, 14:38 +0000 schrieb TAHRI Ahmed:
> Hi,
> My name is Ahmed, I’m a french developper (Excuse my english). I
> mainly work on PoS solutions for now.
> I’ve created a new Python package initially inspired from https://git
> This package is called pyTeliumManager and allow you a more reliable
> usage of your payment device, it’s under MIT license.
> I really think this package could be very useful in the PoS open-
> source world, no need to acquire expensive license anymore.
> You could find more details here:
> anager 
> I’m looking for contributors for:
> Check english writing.
> Improve code style / Optimisation of any kind.
> Add support for standalone PinPad (iPP3XX). (RNIS TCP/IP + Payment
> Protocol) on ipp-3xx branch.
> Add support for python 2.7.x through python-2.7 branch. Master branch
> should be about python-3.x support only.
> Thank you very much.
> Regards,
> TAHRI Ahmed
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