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Python & Ingenico mobile payment device. New open-source package. Looking for contributors.

by TAHRI Ahmed <> - 03/08/2017 16:08:07

My name is Ahmed, I’m a french developper (Excuse my english). I mainly work on PoS solutions for now.
I’ve created a new Python package initially inspired from

This package is called pyTeliumManager and allow you a more reliable usage of your payment device, it’s under MIT license.
I really think this package could be very useful in the PoS open-source world, no need to acquire expensive license anymore.

You could find more details here: 

I’m looking for contributors for:

  • Check english writing.
  • Improve code style / Optimisation of any kind.
  • Add support for standalone PinPad (iPP3XX). (RNIS TCP/IP + Payment Protocol) on ipp-3xx branch.
  • Add support for python 2.7.x through python-2.7 branch. Master branch should be about python-3.x support only.

Thank you very much.