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Yoanny Dominguez Carrero
- 14/07/2017 21:07:40
I have a datetime field in a given model.
My use of time in the system I have put the one that corresponds to me 
Cuba -4
At the time of saving for the DB as it converts the date to UTC then 
saves it with the time that I spent 4 more hours.
Until that perfect, that works without problem, the doubt begins now.
Create a record of that model and in the field datetime I put for 
example: 31-07-2017 23:00:00
Saving for BD saves it as 01-08-2017 03:00:00
So when doing in search for a certain report on that model when I ask 
for those of the month 07 ie from '01 -07-2017 'to '31 -07-2017' tells 
me that it does not have any records when in fact there must be one And 
then if I do the August search it tells me that it has 1.
How can I solve this problem in the search

Ing. Yoanny Domínguez Carrero
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