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Re: CI Builds now uses requirements from odoo repository

SYLEAM SARL, Sylvain Garancher
- 12/07/2017 21:17:39
Thanks a lot for the explanations and full list of differences.


2017-07-12 21:08 GMT+02:00 Moises Lopez <>:
 - We had a custom requirements.txt from OCA/maintainer-quality-tools (MQT) repository.

 - We deleted the previous custom requirements.txt from MQT
 - We are using the original odoo's requirements.txt


New possible errors
The file (1) "requirements mqt vs odoo diff" has all information with the changes of requirements between MQT, 8.0 and 10.0
We have detected the following errors:
1. odoo 10.0 requirements (2) uses different packages versions and could be incompatible with code created for old version.
  - Example "mock==2.0" could be incompatible with code created for "mock==1.0.1"
2. odoo 10.0 deleted packages.
  - Example "unittest2"

For both cases the fix is adds explicitly the package and version to requirements.txt root file of your project.

Please, check the (1) document to detect easiest a issue related with this case.

Thank you!

Moisés López Calderón
Vauxoo - OpenERP's Gold Partner
Mobile: (+521) 477-752-22-30
Office: (+52) 477-773-33-46
twitter: @vauxoo

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