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Re: Overtime calculation in Odoo 15 and OCA

Holger Brunn
- 28/07/2023 14:58:47
Hi Florian,

I wouldn't call most of the overtime behavior bugs, but differences in 
expectation between Odoo SA's legislation and ours and possibly the use case.

> Is currently somebody else working on it and can share information or

> experience with overtime in Odoo 15.0 onwards?

indeed. For a German customer I've simply replaced Odoo core's overtime 
calculation with the results of
which according to the customer gives the correct results. This is pending 
testing and a couple of recalculations on changing things like the work 
calendar or vacations, but with the existing code you already can do sums on 
the overtime table and get the results you'd expect.

As the customer is eager to contribute to OCA, you can expect a PR on hr-
attendance for a module doing this in at most a few weeks :-)

If the customer agrees to share the work done up to now here, I'll happily 
follow up with a link, there we can also discuss further collaboration if 
you're interested.

Best regards,

Your partner for the hard Odoo problems