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Inventory barcodes

- 26/07/2023 08:30:34
Hello, we have built most of our system logic and code on barcodes in the inventory page, we use it to activate methods, once barcode is activated it is called form/list_barcode_scanned to enable functionalities. 

While trying to upgrade from V15 to V16, I have realised that the odoo code of barcodes changed and we no longer have a way to use our old modules.

I would like to ask if it's possible to enable barcode scanning in any page in inventory(if barcode is scanned while one is on list or form view, to call said model method). So far I have figured out that  barcode/barcode_handlers.js barcodeGenericHandlers is responsible for barcode behaviour, but I haven't found a proper way to inherit it and change it's behaviour to fit our needs