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Re: Calendar widget: restrict choice to certain dates

MetricWise, Inc., Adam Heinz
- 25/07/2023 18:28:43
FullCalendar has a validRange setting that does something like what you request, but it looks like it only lets you return a single date range, rather than specific days.

On Tue, Jul 25, 2023 at 10:27 AM Thomas Pot <> wrote:
Hello Alessandro,

We use a simular calendar function for our healthcare clients, which is fully integrated.

But I know that a simular app is also available based on the Fullcalendar (need a licence for this) library:

Maybe this could help?

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Van: "Alessandro Uffreduzzi" <>
Aan: "Contributors" <>
Verzonden: Dinsdag 25 juli 2023 15:22:17
Onderwerp: Calendar widget: restrict choice to certain dates

Hello all,

I need to restrict the possible dates on the calendar widget: certain dates need to be selectable and others can't; and it should be visually clear which is which. As an example use case, I want to prevent the user from being able to schedule the delivery of a sales order for the weekend, during a holiday, before the lead time has passed, or according to other conditions etc.

I can (and will) block the wrong choice of date server-side, but the user would have to proceed by trial and error if they don't have any feedback about which dates are actually valid and selectable.

I was wondering if anybody knew of a similar module or had already developed something similar.

Thank you for your time!


Alessandro Uffreduzzi


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