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Bulk return of serials from multiple partner locations to wh/stock

George Daramouskas
- 20/07/2023 07:28:25

I have a situation where a lot of lots/serials go to a lot of customers/partners and I have partial returns and need to create backorders.

As it is, I have to go to the serial and - based on the traceability - see which outgoing shipment put it in that location, start an Incoming shipment by clicking Return, leave only the serial that I care about and create backorders for the rest.

This workflow is overwhelming for the warehouse staff due to the volume of movements and I am looking for an alternative workflow, ideally:

1) New Incoming Transfer
2) Add the serials that need to come in stock added one per line
3) Have Odoo find the outgoing shipments for these shipments, create a return incoming shipment only for the serials selected (and a backorder for the rest)
4) Process the incoming shipment

This is what I am roughly looking for, I see which somewhat does what I want but not exactly since it requires me to add a From: location, among other things.

Any ideas/directions will be appreciated


George Daramouskas
Odoo Development,