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Multiple payment methods and journals in one provider

Wytze Jan Riedstra
- 17/07/2023 19:47:29
Hello everyone,

For payment providers it is possible to connect a Payment Journal to a 
provider (e.g. Buckaroo, a Dutch payment provider can be coupled with 
the bank journal Buckaroo) but I would like to know if it is possible to 
connect multiple payment journals to payment methods within one payment 
provider. For example: Buckaroo supports multiple payment methods (VISA, 
MasterCard, AMEX, iDEAL, PayPal, etc.) but on this moment I can only 
connect this to one payment journal. Would it possible to connect the 
payment method VISA (within Buckaroo) with a payment journal VISA for 

I have tried to duplicate the payment provider and connect it via 
Incoming Payment in the bank configuration but that does not work; it 
only shows one provider there.

I try to do this in v16.

Any help is welcome!

Thanks & regards,

Wytze Jan Riedstra