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Re: Odoo with a decoupled front-end

by "Raphaël Valyi" <> - 12/07/2023 19:59:11
you might also want to look at

It's a bit the same concept: an headless Odoo for large ecommerce or even large portals. Today we typically ditched the LocomotiveCMS part and deploy static NuxtJS/Jamstack websites connecting to the Odoo Shopinvader REST API. Some of our customers do 3k sales per day and it doesn't break a sweat for the Odoo server.

In fact we used a noSQL Elastic Search cache store for most of Odoo data like the catalog and only hit the Odoo REST API when there is a sale or some other non cacheable action. That's why it scales like crazy.

That being said the migration to v16 is ongoing and there are quite a few refactors like adopting FastAPI.

Again this is a great choice for projects that can afford it. Small projets can use Odoo website modules indeed.

On Wed, Jul 12, 2023, 2:38 PM Diogo Duarte <> wrote:
Just wanted to add that:

Using a decoupled storefront like Vuestorefront is not something that you will use for all projects.
For most customers we use the Odoo web designer or we just totally customize the layout based on a specific design.

If customer 
  • has a big ecommerce operation 
  • and/or they having big ambitions for ecommerce
  • and/or they want a mainstream web technology like Vue because they have a team or it's easier to find developers
  • and/or they want to scale ecommerce with less infrastructure (higher traffic volumes)
  • and/or they value having separated backend, frontend, content and marketing teams (headless)
Then we recommend Vuestorefront, but it's surely a bigger project so the budget can be 2x or more.

Best regards,

_ Diogo Duarte

On Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 12:36 PM wytzejan <> wrote:

Thank you for the extra information about Vuestorefront Diogo. I am going to test it.

Is it possible to login in Vuestorefront and see projects, sales order, etc. (stuff from portal) from Odoo directly? Do you support this.

Diogo Duarte schreef op 2023-07-12 09:11:

Vuestorefront is a decoupled frontend based on Nuxt.js that allows you to scale your web frontend independently from Odoo.
We implemented Odoo as a backend and are building/maintaining it several projects using it:
Easiest way to test it:
Load testing (video at the end)
We welcome contributors!
Best regards,
Diogo Duarte

On Wed, Jul 12, 2023 at 6:52 AM wytzejan <> wrote:


I'm looking for a solution where I can use Odoo with a decoupled front-end and I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd like to use Odoo as my back-end and Nuxt as my front-end. I've seen but this looks dedicated to e-commerce.

Is it possible to have a decoupled front-end but still use the Odoo login functionality and so the I can integrate the Odoo portal (e.g. inside Nuxt? I've seen as well but I am not sure if this can work with the portal.

Any thoughts are very welcome. Thank you!

With kind regards,

Wytze Jan Riedstra

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