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Re: Well practise on rewrite action domain

WilldooIT, Richard deMeester
- 27/01/2017 00:02:20
Hi Michael,

I understand your pain on this type of thing.

A solution of sorts, particularly if module A and module B are not dependent in either direction is:

Module A:
<field name="domain">[
                ('state', 'not in', ('draft', 'sent', 'cancel')),

Module B:
<field name="domain">[
                ('state', 'not in', ('archived')),

Module C: (depends on A, B and the clever part, auto_install = True so this module is automatic when A and B are both installed)
<field name="domain">[
                ('state', 'not in', ('draft', 'sent', 'cancel', 'archived')),

Of course, this is not as elegant as could be, and does mean rewriting the domain in two modules if it ever needs to change, and does not extend any base domains (or domains that a third party module may have just added to the same action!)

On 13 January 2017 at 07:38, Michael Delvoye <> wrote:
Hi every body
i need to rewrite action sale order like this in one module : 

<record id="sale.action_orders" model="ir.actions.act_window">
<field name="view_id" ref="sale.view_order_tree"/>
<field name="domain">[
('state', 'not in', ('draft', 'sent', 'cancel')),

Bu in an other module i need to exclude 'state' '='  'archived')
I don't know the best practise to do that.

Can you orient me. Of course I . can centralize it in one module but i would prefer to keep each module and to "cumulate" the domain.

Thanks for help

Michael Delvoye
Directeur Technique

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