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Bad module description ?

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 01/12/2016 11:31:11
On odoo 10, the manifest file of the "mrp" module (which is part of Odoo community) says:

It supports complete integration and planification of stockable goods, consumables or services. Services are completely integrated with the rest of the software. For instance, you can set up a sub-contracting service in a bill of materials to automatically purchase on order the assembly of your production.

It seems to me that this part is not present in the "mrp" module, but only in some additionnal "enterprise" modules. I was particularly interested by the ability to put an "assembly" service in a BOM and have odoo create a PO for the assembly service, but I can't manage to do that. I looked up in the code, and I feel there is nothing to support that.

So :
1) either I missed something in the community "mrp" module and it is possible to create a PO for the services of a BOM (if yes, any hint would be appreciated)
2) either it's a feature of some enterprise modules, and I plan to propose a PR to update the module description (either removing the paragraph or adding a note about the fact that these features are in a separate enterprise module).

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