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Odoo report testing

Anybox, Pierre Verkest
- 30/11/2016 12:15:51

Since my last message[1] in this ML regarding Odoo report testing some works has been done:

* extract the code from anybox.testing.openerp to a gh repo:
* test the lib on travis against some version of odoo (OK: 7.0, 8.0, WIP: 9.0, 10.0)
* release the first version on pipy:
* document the lib:
* write a blog post regarding the philosophy and the why of this lib:

If you still get interest on this tool I'm happy to move it under OCA umbrella, I'm just wondering
how to process, we may have a IRC discussion to figure out how to do it (I'm petrus-v feel free to ping me). There are probably some technical points to discuss before moving it:

* I've chosen to use anybox.recipe.odoo to run unit tests because I didn't know how to
  run them (as they are not part of an Odoo module) using OCA MQT repo[2] so of course that can change.
* Setting up wkhtml2pdf and lessc to the expected version on Travis dockerized builder is a bit a nightmare to me, helps welcome!
* If we start to use this lib in various OCA repo to test report we have to be ready with the previous point (I haven't look yet last changes from Moises and Alexandre regarding dockerized builds I guess that may be benefit)

[2] I had a try at this commit but my unit test wasn't running:

Pierre Verkest
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