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Re: Google Analytics Universal to GA4 for versions < 15.0

Tecnativa. S. L., David Vidal
- 29/06/2023 11:42:01
For the record, for v14 Studio73 developed this compatibility module that replaces the tracking code: (we just migrated it to v13 for our not yet migrated modules:

El vie, 26 may 2023 a las 18:37, Francesco Foresti (<>) escribió:

has anyone worked on a module to implement the change described here:  

Odoo 15.0 is already adapted and ready for Analytics 4. After July 2023, if you want to use Google Analytics tracking in versions before 15.0, you will need to insert the GA tracker code manually, instead of entering your GA key in the Odoo settings.

Which according to this post, amounts to

insert de GA tracker code manually on `website.layout` changing the `async` attribute to `t-att-async="true"`


If not, do you think a backporting from v15 is feasible?



Francesco Foresti
Sicurpharma Srl
+39 333 8123 790

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