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Re: Request for l10n-brazil PSC

- 01/11/2016 21:12:16

Hello guys,

I am the OCA representative of the Brazilian localization project, main project committer since 2009 and PSC as well as Raphael Valyi, the second committer. Luis Mileo helped is the third committer of the project and helped it quite a lot since 2013 and hence deserves to enter as a PSC member too.

Project structure:

Today, the Brazilian localization is already one of the 3 largest OCA repositories. This is mostly due to the fiscal complexity in Brazil sadly. And there are yet many other things to implement...

To keep control however, we need to properly split the localization into smaller chunks with the proper OCA satellite repositories where it's easier to delegate responsibilities to the most skilled and dedicated contributors without paralysing the project as a whole. For instance today simple modules of localization already have PR's and work in versions 9 or 10 but are missed by new comers because these branches were waiting important accounting refactors done in the 8 branch before accepting these PR's...

Also, Akretion led this project since 2009 and made roughly 80% of the current OCA codebase of the project through Renato, Raphael, Magno and other contributors. So although we open the decision process to more recent contributors such as Luis Mileo, we think it is only justice that the main contributors of the project keep the last word on the project roadmap in the eventuality of diverging views. As PSC members decide for the scope of the repo, and because we had a few divergences about this and project dependencies in the past, we debated and decided for the following OCA repos structure before welcoming Luis Mileo in the PSC:

L10n-brazil -


Renato Lima

Raphael Valyi

Luis Mileo

(here is an up to date snaphot of the project activity: )

This is the core repo with the the base data structures and methods to compute the Brazilian taxes and comply with the fiscal authorities. This repo also contains relatively simple modules such as the HR data (but not the payroll), the localized POS, the boleto and CNAB data structure. The serialization and transmission of the fiscal documents and the boleto and CNAB (equivalente of European SEPA) is delegated to satellite repositories because these are quite large independent units of work with possibly different competing technologies and implementations.

to join the OCA under the new name:


Luis Mileo

Danimar Ribeiro

Renato Lima

The Brazilian fiscal documents created with the code of the core repo should be sent to the fiscal authorities. But unfortunately the spec for this is quite complex, it involves SOAP with XML signing and WSDL validation with no satisfactory Python implementation currently. This repo handles the XML serialization and SOAP transmission of Brazilian fiscal documents with the "pysped" lib. This lib however is a bit problematic as it has over 10000 lines of code and is very far away from OCA standards, little tested and being now unmaintained by the single author of 95% of its codebase. That being said, a fork is maintained by a few people of the Odoo Brazilian community in the repo

The situation is a bit like the Aeroo dependency for the OCA. All in all we decided it's still better to include this repo in the OCA in a satellite repo for maintenance purposes before it meets the OCA standards or an alternative is implemented.

While accepting Luis Mileo in the PSC of the core repo, I think it is fair to ask him to first focus on bringing this second repo where he is the main committer up to the OCA standards and helping the situation with the pysped fork where possible: including Travis tests and trying to enable a few OCA pep8/pylint checks (may be not all to avoid diverging too much from the other forks receiving sporadic patches).

Our analysis is these are the two most mature repos that deserve to be in the OCA now and should be dealt with priority, especially when considering that our fallback solution, the official shareware to transmit electronic documents to the fiscal authorities will be discontinued next year.

Next we may consider the inclusion of

to be renamed as

Today these modules have less activity and have some issues: one is that the pycnab-240 lib on which they depend is hardly maintained and the other one is that this will to be quite refactored for Odoo 9 and 10 as the payment management changed quite a bit from v8. All in all we think it's better to propose the repo inclusion again in 2017 once v10 migration will stabilize. Meanwhile the boleto and CNAB persistent data structure is welcome in the core repo as it is something simple it’s easy to agree on already.

There are other much less active and less mature developments that will deserve their own satellite repos once the mature a bit more and after the v10 migration rush:

  • one repo for the Brazilian payroll

  • one repo for the Brazilian fiscal reports, the "SPED"

Requirements for candidating to the project PSC:

Secondly, as the OCA allows projects to decide the rules for the PSC entrance, we decided the following rules:

  1. A contributor should have its first repo commit accepted at least one year before entering as a PSC

  2. Unless some of the current PSC abandon the project, a contributor cannot candidate to the PSC with less than 10% of the project commits.

  3. The project PSC's are judges of the contributions relevance of the PSC candidate. A contributor candidating for the PSC should have made relevant contributions to the project.

Project communication:

Finally with Luis entrance in the PSC, it is important to improve the project communication:

  1. A roadmap of priority issues will be elaborated by Renato and debated with the other PSC's.

  2. The communication channels are the OCA mailing list restricted to the OCA members and possibly the popular Google group!forum/openerp-brasil which includes user related issues. Other channels are not official and cannot serve for the PSC communication.

  3. Project image: the official communication of the project should be elaborated along with the project leader or at least submitted to the project leader.

Welcome to team Luis!

Best Regards,

Renato Lima

2016-03-22 10:53 GMT-03:00 Maxime Chambreuil <>:

Maxime Chambreuil
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----- Le 22 Mar 16, à 9:08, <> a écrit :

+1 Although not being part of the Brazilian PSC, as core contributor, I can validate his contributions and it can be a good OCA PSC member for sure.


2016-03-22 13:53 GMT+01:00 Joël Grand-Guillaume <>:
+1 (I'm not part of Brazilian PSC)

On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 1:23 PM, Luis Felipe Miléo <> wrote:
Dear contributors,

I've been contributing to l10n-Brazil over the last four years with:
And some contributions in other OCA repositories.

I am aware that still has much work to be done in Brazilian community and the association as a whole. It will be a pleasure to formally support the location and keep contributing with OpenSouce community!

Best Regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
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