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New project/repository for Vietnamese localization

Komit Consulting, Jean-Charles Drubay
- 27/10/2016 13:13:11

We (trobz) are planning on publishing work for Vietnamese localization.

Would it be possible to have it in OCA?

I have tried to prepare all the required code with a very small first module: l10n_vn_country_state. It has been published here:

With its 25 lines of python code it passes proudly the pylint odooling test:
`pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo -d all -e odoolint l10n_vn_country_state`

So far, we have been only little involved in OCA so far but we have worked continuously on Odoo projects since 2009. We hope to bring some valuable contributions.

It it is all good for you, please let me know what I should do next.