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Re: Licence of version 9.0 modules

- 21/09/2016 18:53:15
And what about this?:

"I'm writing a Windows application with Microsoft Visual C++ (or Visual Basic) and I will be releasing it under the GPL. Is dynamically linking my program with the Visual C++ (or Visual Basic) runtime library permitted under the GPL? (#WindowsRuntimeAndGPL)

    You may link your program to these libraries, and distribute the compiled program to others. When you do this, the runtime libraries are “System Libraries” as GPLv3 defines them. That means that you don't need to worry about including their source code with the program's Corresponding Source. GPLv2 provides a similar exception in section 3.

    You may not distribute these libraries in compiled DLL form with the program. To prevent unscrupulous distributors from trying to use the System Library exception as a loophole, the GPL says that libraries can only qualify as System Libraries as long as they're not distributed with the program itself. If you distribute the DLLs with the program, they won't be eligible for this exception anymore; then the only way to comply with the GPL would be to provide their source code, which you are unable to do."

So, if you distribute free modules only (say AGPL or GPL but not LGPL), and client buys Odoo Enterprise and get the system directly from Odoo SA, it would be legal to use by the client.

16 de septiembre del 2016 4:37, "Jairo Llopis" <> escribió:
> OTOH, if we consider Odoo a library, then it is perfectly possible to combine them:
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