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Re: OCA community sprint in Latinoamerica

- 24/06/2016 20:16:36
Interested. What could be a concise list of objectives to work on? Should it be something SA specific or also general issues / topics?

El lun., 9 may. 2016 a las 23:53, Luis Felipe Miléo (<>) escribió:
Hi Jesús,

I'm very happy to help!

It would be great if we could have synergy between the Brazilian location and the other countries of Latin america.

I'll be watching the topic waiting for a definition of the date and place.

Best regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
Gerência de Implementação
+55 21 4063-8872 (RJ)
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De: "Jesús Alan Ramos Rodríguez" <>
Para: "Contributors" <>
Enviadas: Sexta-feira, 6 de maio de 2016 6:07:54
Assunto: OCA community sprint in Latinoamerica
Hello Odoo Community,

I write this new thread to continue with the interest of having a OCA sprint in Latinoamerica, in another thread Daniel Alejandro Mendieta Pacheco has interest in making it in Ecuador. if there is enough interested people, I'll be happy to help to make it possible.

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