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l10n-usa toponyms

ForgeFlow, S.L., Aarón Henríquez
- 23/06/2016 09:18:01
Let's introduce myself first, My name is Aaron form Spain. I've been working with the standard Odoo for just a few weeks but I started developing a custom module two years ago. Unfortunately that work is not public so people won't find much of me on github. Anyway, if anybody want to take a look to my work, I'm @aheficent on github. I'm currently centering on Odoo developing and collaborate to the OCA repository in the next future.

I've thinking about adding a l10n-usa toponyms module that adds data from states, regions, cities,... from USA so that informations is avaliable when creating partners. I'd like to do something similar to what is done for l10n-spain: starting on version7 and migrate the version later.

After installing the module, a dialog box will appear to select the names of the regions or the cities the user want to import. The user will be able to import the data from Internet or locallyThe data will be obtained from GeoNames ( directly or by using a local copy extracted from the module.

What the community think about this?  Am I on the right track?

Hoping to hear from any of you soon.

Best wishes

Aarón Henríquez Quintana
Technical consultant at Eficent