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Re: New Odoo Product Configurator Module

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 28/04/2016 08:57:25
Dear Paul

Disappointingly your campaign did not succeed. I believe the remaining
campaign time after all the positive moves and developments together
with OCA and OdooMRP was too short.

Do you have already any plans on how to proceed? Do you want to start
another campaign or to make it available on other ways?

I do have a small startup project which would urgently need your

Thanks for any further info


twanda AG
Ermin Trevisan
Artherstrasse 19
CH-6318 Walchwil
T    +41 41 758 1515
M    +41 79 208 7373

On 15.03.2016 10:37, Paul Catinean wrote:
> Hello,
> In the past couple of years Odoo has grown very powerful and the
> community along with it. With a flexible software base like Odoo which
> expands everyday I write to you now in hope that as a community we can
> shape and grow it even more.
> As we all know the product template design that Odoo V8 and V9 relies on
> has it’s ups and downs and can be difficult to work with in some cases.
> Especially when it comes to product variants in the manufacturing sector
> and custom designs.
> Having dealt with these shortcomings in the past 3 years I have managed
> to create Odoo’s first working Product Configurator.
> By now it manages to integrate all the tools needed for anyone to build
> custom products. Developed and tested on multiple databases
> simultaneously, the Product Configurator can be extended for any type of
> business and seamlessly integrates with the Odoo E-shop. This
> strengthens the connection between backend and frontend and makes the
> entire platform more powerful and versatile.
> This major effort has been made in an attempt to launch the module suite
> as a generic and flexible solution for the Odoo platform. With it we can
> extend Odoo's reach into a new segment of users drawing in more projects
> and developers alike.
> Initial development of the customer specific version (that started for
> custom made flagpoles) spans to about two years. On top of the customer
> funded project another 1000 hours were invested in converting the module
> suite from project-specific to a generic and extensible version.
> Contact with OCA has been made in regards to this project and members of
> the board have expressed their interest. Our intention is to include the
> module suite into the OCA repositories as AGPL V3, free for anyone to
> distribute, use and especially contribute.
> Starting today I have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the time
> spent converting the module. This has been made entirely in the interest
> of applying it to multiple businesses and sharing it with the community.
> I would be very pleased to bring this project to life and continue this
> journey with you by my side to sustain it.
> Please checkout and share the campaign video that explains the addressed
> isues and features offered:
> For further details feel free the visit our brand new website (Fully
> developed in Odoo of course)
> Kind Regards,
> Paul Catinean
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