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Re: New Odoo Product Configurator Module

Twanda AG, Ermin Trevisan
- 23/03/2016 15:45:30

And please do prolong the funding period. My budget is exhausted until
the end of next month :-)

Best, trevi

On 23.03.2016 15:23, Joël Grand-Guillaume wrote:
> Hi Paul, hi Pedro,
> Thanks a lot for taking this time together, I'm really happy with the
> outcomes, now everything is crystal clear ! Also, the community can be
> sure on the future and reliability of the proposed solution, congrats
> for that.
> About the campaign in it-self, we have written a little page here that I
> suggest you read (if not already done) :
> You'll find some basics about funding campaign, may be some useful
> infos. On my side, I can suggest to:
>  * Improve a bit the description of the existing problems you solve with
> this devs (give examples of use cases may be ?)
>  * Add the "For who ?" title and describe who are your targeted donators
> / who will benefit from this features (when reading it, I must say: Hey
> this is for me !)
>  * Who will deliver the solution and why you're the best suited for it
> (this matter IMO, because people invest for who they trust) => Here you
> should mentioned the OdooMRP team and give names of all involved people
>  * Add the OCA Logo and explain that it'll be delivered there (people
> trust the organization now and it'll give credit to it). It must be
> clear for everyone that it's gonna be integrated with OCA work IMO.
> You can also count on the OCA to promote the campaign. For this, I
> suggest your write down a draft of a blog post that I'll review with the
> board and then post on the OCA website. Last one, may I  suggest that
> you become an OCA member for 2016 ;)
> Again, I want to thank you for the Open Source way of doing things and
> you're will to contribute to OCA.
> Best regards,
> Joël

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