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Request for l10n-brazil PSC

KMEE Informatica ltda, Luis F Miléo
- 22/03/2016 13:10:40
Dear contributors,

I would like to request to be a PSC member of  /

I've been contributing to l10n-Brazil over the last four years with:
  • Code review and PRs;
  • Helping people in google groups mailing list (!forum/openerp-brasil);
  • Review and contributing in other Brazilian repositories   ( )
  • Some hangouts and one face meeting last year;
And some contributions in other OCA repositories.

I am aware that still has much work to be done in Brazilian community and the association as a whole. It will be a pleasure to formally support the location and keep contributing with OpenSouce community!

Best Regards

- Luis Felipe Miléo
+55 21 4063-8872 (RJ)
Parceiro oficial: