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New release of OCA Connector

Guewen Baconnier
- 29/02/2016 10:44:12

I tagged new releases of the connector framework for:

* Odoo 8.0: release
* Odoo 7.0: release

The version for Odoo 9.0 should be available really soon thanks to
Laurent Mignon, the pull request is:

It is advised to update your 'connector' addon to the latest version
as we have applied a security fix [0] that limits the possibilities
for attackers to run arbitrary code using jobs.

Also, if you are not using the 'Jobrunner' [1] yet, I encourage you to
do so. The jobrunner is much faster than the workers mechanism and
allows to run jobs in different channels with different capacities.
The workers will be removed in the 9.0.x version in favor of the

Have a nice day,


Guewen Baconnier
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