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Re: Issues with outgoing email management in Odoo

Invitu, Cyril VINH-TUNG
- 31/05/2023 20:22:45
Hi Alex

We also faced long time issues with Odoo mail system and the worst part is that someone lost her job because of that 'unsual' email system (

We solved this with :
- mail_footer_notified_partner now renamed mail_body_notified_partner (better because the added text is located at the top of the body) + customization of the message saying 'WARNING if you reply to this email the following people will be cc :...'
- disclaimer in the signature of every user that also ask people to reply to the mail with information about the subject and not reply with information that does not concern it

We also use the amazing mail_tracking as mandatory for all our customers but it does not warn the recipients about who will receive the reply.
On the other hand, for incoming emails, we did a PR to mail_tracking that allows to show in the chatter the aliases who were in to and cc (

We think that Odoo's mail system is great because it organizes communication very well but it's also very hard to convince our customers. People have very bad habits with standard mail systems (they reply to email with information that have nothing to see with the subject, they start another thread instead of replying existing discussion... so on)
That said, we have some customers who use Odoo as 'the' mail system of the company and therefore improve their 'information organization'.
IMHO best configuration is 
- odoo as the main mail system of the company for almost all the employees (notifications in Odoo)
- dedicated standard mailboxes (outside Odoo) for Managers (notifications by email) who might have very sensitive and private information to share directly with partners

Best regards
Computer & Network Engineering
BP 32 - 98713 Papeete - French Polynesia
Tél: +689 40 46 11 99

Le mer. 31 mai 2023, 05:11, Alexandre Fayolle <> a écrit :
Hello everyone,

This is a long standing topic in Odoo, but I'm facing it again with an 
unhappy customer. The way Odoo manages the sending of messages to 
followers of a "thread" by sending 1 email per follower, loosing all 
information from people who could have been in CC of an incoming mail, 
is really lame.

Is there some knowledge hanging around about a way to change this so 
that Odoo would:

* record the CC in a secondary field (say follower_cc_ids) for incoming 
* promote a follower_cc to follower in case an incoming mail comes with 
this person in To: rather than CC:
* send outgoing mails with 1 single mail with all followers in To: and 
follower_cc_ids in CC:

I'm not super keen in touching this part of the Odoo source code, which 
I find quite obscure,  and but maybe some have walked this path and 
could provide feedback, advice (or even maybe source code).

Thanks for your help,

Alexandre Fayolle
Senior Software Engineer
Tel : +33 4 58 48 20 30

Camptocamp France SAS
18 rue du Lac Saint André
73 370 Le Bourget-du-Lac

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