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Re: osv.expression

XCG Consulting, Houzéfa Abbasbhay
- 30/10/2015 09:16:14

I have had that too but it wasn't making my runs fail; are you sure there aren't other errors?

I would like to know what the recommended alternative is as well, if there is any. =) I looked into existing addons and saw they were also using these imports in some places so I stopped bothering about it.

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 4:08 AM, Richard deMeester <> wrote:
Hello OCA contributors,

One of my Pull Requests for OCA is failing on Runbot.

Uses of a deprecated module 'openerp.osv'

What should be used in it's stead?  It is being used to gain access to domain manipulation routines (normalize_domain and others).


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Houzéfa Abbasbhay
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