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Re: Hr Employee Shift planning

Coop IT Easy SC agréée, Robin Keunen
- 22/05/2023 11:06:32
Hi Cyril,

A bit late on the ball ; at Coop IT Easy, we developed a suite of modules to organise the work of volunteers in cooperative supermarkets. Here they are :
Last year, we spent some time renaming the modules to push them on the OCA on empty repo shift-planning but we’re running late on schedule. We hope to simplify the counter system this year and port the code to v16 mid-2024.

All the best,

Robin Keunen 
Coop IT Easy 
+32 488 86 57 40
On 17 May 2023, 04:32 +0200, wrote:

Dear all

Do you have any experience in Shift planning for employees in Odoo ?

I did not find any OCA module for it.

I appreciate your inputs

Thanks in advance

Best regards



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