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Re: Multi Tenant Self Hosted Enviroments

- 20/05/2023 20:21:34
Let me respond inline.

On Sat, May 20, 2023 at 2:02 PM Sven from Cloudpepper
<> wrote:


> Hi Charles,



> Perhaps you can give our services a try?

> You can host as many Odoo instances (Community and Enterprise) on a server as you want, all automated.

> Also gives you test environments, GitHub deployment and automated backups.

> It also has the OCA marketplace built-in, so you can easily activate any OCA module on an instance.

Yes, this is in short what I want to be able to provide to my clients,
but directly as in self-hosted.   Glad to see that somebody has done

> We can also give clients access to your own branded dashboard so they can see and manage their instances (ie. see the logs, restart, create a backup, etc.)

Would love to better understand the approach your company took to
achieve the multi-tenant design of Odoo.   Just to be clear, I would
not be making any offers to the general public, unless tied to a brick
and mortar offering.