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Re: Download Sale Orders from Magento 2.3 to Odoo14

Camptocamp SA, Simone Orsi
- 03/05/2023 16:38:31
Ciao Francesco,

Here's my POV:

1. your scope sounds too small to use connector-magento (that should be migrated, etc) or any other "existing" connector
2. this does not mean that you cannot create a connector. The connector module proposes a pattern to handle inbound/outbound sync. That's it. I won't exclude this idea a priori.
3. you mention "receiving and processing XML files and sending out some other files": sounds more like an EDI exchange than a connector -> I encourage you to have a look at the EDI framework.

I'm going to the Odoo Italia days in Milan: if you come, we can have a chat ;)

Finally, a few words for Oleg regarding

Oleg Kuryan

In community you will never find good and well supported connector. This is community, nobody will respond to you for free for bugfixing. You need to fix and contribute yourself. It is very rare case that people will fix your reported bugs. And it is more based on enthusiasm of individual person in case he has free time / desire / good mood :) 

I disagree with this. At least on the message that carries... but we might have just a "translation" problem, so please take this as a way to help improving this conversation  ;)
We have plenty of people - me included - that fix bugs for free or that help (w/ reviews, tests, comments, etc).
Moreover the "fix and contribute yourself" does not mean that you shouldn't do it in the OCA. (at least partially) ;)
And yeah, that might not be so "common" but I think it comes most of the time from "fear", "shyness" or the feeling that you've just expressed here ;)
So yes, in your case it is better to develop your own script that you will understand yourself and will support it yourself 
I know this 100% as we are developing Connectors to e-commerce systems and we know how much time it takes to support them, constantly develop, fix bugs, respond in reasonable time.
I see your point but there's always the other side of the medal: go always fully this way and you'll always be by yourself. Fully. Forever :)

My $0.02.


Simone Orsi

Full stack Python web developer, Odoo specialist, Odoo Community Board Member, in love with open source.