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Re: suggestion for monitoring error 500

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 01/05/2023 17:53:52
Hi Dominique

If you have Odoo running behind NGINX, you can parse the access log file to get some statistics about the timestamps around which this occurs, and on which urls. I have a way of doing that with command line tools such as "awk", "sort" and "uniq" (for hourly statistics), but regular "grep" can also yield you the info.

Armed with that knowledge you can then check the Odoo log file around those times, sometimes it will also display "Internal error" or even a useful traceback, and you can then use "grep" again to extract relevant patterns over the course of a day or so.

If not enough information is given, then you could resort to modifying the Odoo source code to add some more exception-catching.

1 mei 2023 06:57:22 Holger Brunn <>:

> It is a bit of a catchall... Would anybody have any suggestion, to monitor

> such error, and possibly get an email, or a warning as a system

> administrator? Is there a way to catch at odoo level, if there is such

> error and send an email ?

all requests go through
so that seems the best place to catch your exception

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