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Re: Download Sale Orders from Magento 2.3 to Odoo14

Francesco Ballerini
- 30/04/2023 19:33:19

Romualdo Briosos Jrsab 29 apr, 20:12 (22 ore fa)
In your situation, I would recommend developing a Python program that can connect to both the Magento API and Odoo API. This would give you greater control over


Oleg Kuryan

In community you will never find good and well supported connector. This is community, nobody will respond to you for free for bugfixing. You need to fix and contribute yourself. It is very rare case that people will fix your reported bugs. And it is more based on enthusiasm of individual person in case he has free time / desire / good mood :) 
So yes, in your case it is better to develop your own script that you will understand yourself and will support it yourself 
I know this 100% as we are developing Connectors to e-commerce systems and we know how much time it takes to support them, constantly develop, fix bugs, respond in reasonable time. 

Thanks for your feedbacks, it really helps in the decision process! 

It is very likely that we will proceed this way:

1) we will make a temporary implementation of the old workflow as I described in the first message for 2 reasons
   - it's more "cluncky" but it's (at least for me) faster to develope and requires less code updates in the future
   - this would also allow us to have a low-level fallback import system, which we can use if "something breaks" after an update 

2) one day not too far, is very likely that we will implement our own API as you both suggested. About this I'd like to ask if you have specific libraries to recommend, I see there are different libraries and I think this one might be a good point to start, but I'm not sure about version compatibility. 
It would be great to know your recommendations about libraries, if you'd like to share any.

Thanks for the video suggestion Oleg, I have almost finished it, I see the connector Demo is on Odoo Enterprise but VentorTech solutions can also be found for Odoo Community is it correct?

Francesco B.

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