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Download Sale Orders from Magento 2.3 to Odoo14

Francesco Ballerini
- 29/04/2023 19:21:39

Hello everyone,


we are integrating Odoo14 in our main company business and we need to cover an important need, but we don’t know yet if we should develope our custom solution or use a 3rd party connector.

It would be really helpful to have your opinion in relation of our needs, if possible, or more simply about Odoo-Magento connectors in general.


We cooperates in dropshipping with a company that use Magento 2.3 (and will possibly switch to Magento 2.4) and we are managing for him the stock and part of delivery workflow.


We don’t need a full syncro, because our ‘dropshipping partner’ only sells product that we already have in stock.

This means that we only have to sync


  • orders
  • possibly new customers, but we don’t manage invoice data so we don’t need much data for the customer sync, just a generic reference


With this premise, we were think that using a connector is not necessary but we would like to have an opinion from experienced people that know Odoo better than us.


The workflow we are using right now with another ERP and we are going to re-create in Odoo is pretty raw, but it works well:


  • we receive an XML with orders,
  • we read XML,
  • we create orders in Odoo,
  • we process orders internally,
  • we send, at the end of the day, a csv file with our stock quantity (for all products) back to the ‘dropshipping partner’ so he can update his product availability on Magento website


Also, in Odoo we are going to make some little improvements here and there to make orders easier and fast to manage once they have been processed, so we would need to make a few implementations even if we buy/use a 3rd party module.


From my perspective it’s not worth to get a connector to achieve this specific tasks unless is a very good one, meaning that:


  • Well supported by community (if it’s free, but i did not find one) or have very good and responsive assistance service
  • it will work without spending much additional time on it,  expecially because it will probably add hundreds (if not thousands) of code line that we are not fully going to take advantage of,

so it might just be better to spend time on develope our small but specific solution, if that’s the case


Thanks in advance and regards,


Francesco B.






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