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Re: LDAP and MS Azure

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 21/04/2023 21:40:50
Hi Franklin

We recently completed an Odoo - Azure AD login integration for a client using the OCA "auth_saml" module. But it should also be possible with the OCA auth_openid module.

LDAP is a bit outdated so I wouldn't go for that.

21 apr. 2023 21:22:13 Franklin Smith <>:

Hello OCA Contributors. Have a client who is wanting to authenticate Odoo users with Azure Active Directory, and we're running in to some issues.

Can anyone point me to resources about authenticating Odoo and Azure AD using LDAP? Recent web searches show this is complex and I'm learning Azure AD isn't completely LDAP compliant. Are there any resources or OCA modules related to oauth2 authentication with Azure AD? 

Thanks much!

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