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Re: Odoo TMS module

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 29/03/2023 16:05:42
Hi Laurent, hi Virginie,

I am absolutely plus 1 on having a talk during the next OCA event. We had a similar requireme not with a very large account early 2022 as well. They decided to use an external system for that purpose as they didn't want to invest themselves but the general requirement for an elaborated Transport Management still prevails.

From a functional perspective does your design just cover road transport or also long running shipmenta via vessel and / or transport via train and plane?

Did you also already foresee functionalities for things such as toll management and enroute status updates? In any case I would love to discuss the details with you during the Q&A of your talk ;-)

Cheers and thanks for the effort


Am 29. März 2023 15:47:12 MESZ schrieb "Mignon, Laurent" <>:
Hi Virginie,

Thank you for your feedback. For sure we could propose a talk for the OCA days and/or Odoo days.
Regarding Toursolver, this service is unfortunately not open source. Nevertheless, we have designed the shipment_advice_planner addon in such a way that it is possible to integrate any other tool that can be used to achieve the same functionality. In our case, we developed a specialized addon for TourSolver on top of the shipment_advice_planner one.  It is the customer who chooses to use TourSolver, but we have not challenged their request either. 



On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 3:22 PM Virginie Dewulf <> wrote:
Hi Laurent,

Very interesting!
Would you consider a talk for OCA Days (6-7th November 2023) on this topic?
That'd be great ^^

Another question: is TourSolver proprietary or open source?
On their website, the pricing and features pages give 404 Error (not a good sign!).


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Subject: Re: Odoo TMS module
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Hi Maurice

We are developing modules in V16 to organise this kind of process. There are modules to organise the preparations (stock_release_channel), with a specialisation that allows it to be organised by geographical area (stock_release_channel_geoengine).
There are modules for organising loading and delivery (stock_release_channel_shipment_advice) and a specialisation that allows deliveries to be distributed to different vehicles according to a route optimisation computed via the sas API from Toursolver (stock_release_channel_shipment_advice_toursolver), etc.... These modules are being actively developed and will be the core of our order picking system for a very large customer. 



On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 11:42 AM Maurice Moretti <> wrote:
Dear all

has anyone done something about "sales delivery optimization"

My prospect has a fleet of vehicules to deliver the goods they sell and 
he would like to organize some way the flow of delivery



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