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Re: Odoo TMS module

Acsone SA/NV, Laurent Mignon
- 29/03/2023 15:45:14
Hi Virginie,

Thank you for your feedback. For sure we could propose a talk for the OCA days and/or Odoo days.
Regarding Toursolver, this service is unfortunately not open source. Nevertheless, we have designed the shipment_advice_planner addon in such a way that it is possible to integrate any other tool that can be used to achieve the same functionality. In our case, we developed a specialized addon for TourSolver on top of the shipment_advice_planner one.  It is the customer who chooses to use TourSolver, but we have not challenged their request either. 



On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 3:22 PM Virginie Dewulf <> wrote:
Hi Laurent,

Very interesting!
Would you consider a talk for OCA Days (6-7th November 2023) on this topic?
That'd be great ^^

Another question: is TourSolver proprietary or open source?
On their website, the pricing and features pages give 404 Error (not a good sign!).


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Hi Maurice

We are developing modules in V16 to organise this kind of process. There are modules to organise the preparations (stock_release_channel), with a specialisation that allows it to be organised by geographical area (stock_release_channel_geoengine).
There are modules for organising loading and delivery (stock_release_channel_shipment_advice) and a specialisation that allows deliveries to be distributed to different vehicles according to a route optimisation computed via the sas API from Toursolver (stock_release_channel_shipment_advice_toursolver), etc.... These modules are being actively developed and will be the core of our order picking system for a very large customer. 



On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 11:42 AM Maurice Moretti <> wrote:
Dear all

has anyone done something about "sales delivery optimization"

My prospect has a fleet of vehicules to deliver the goods they sell and 
he would like to organize some way the flow of delivery



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