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Re: Very simple POS Tests go to backoffice

Disashop, Fernando La Chica
- 27/03/2023 21:49:05
Sorry Pedro, a colleague commented on 10 Mar 2023, 15:02 in the thread "Proposal: add a forum" that:

"Note that many people may not be aware of the Discussion features, and could miss the threads there.
So when starting a thread in Discussions, consider announcing it in the Contributors ML too."

I suppose that you get duplicate notifications because you are an administrator, but that other people do not.

In any case, if it has been a mistake of interpretation on my part, please accept my apologies.

In any case, I think that the subject I am asking about is interesting and not very well documented. I hope I have not buried the subject in bureaucratic messages xD

El lun, 27 mar 2023 a las 21:32, Pedro M. Baeza (<>) escribió:
Posting the same in two places is never advised. AFAIK, there's a subscription mechanism. In fact, I have received the new GitHub discussion thread notification in my mail (and thus, why I'm saying this is double and cross-posted).


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