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Re: Very simple POS Tests go to backoffice

Disashop, Fernando La Chica
- 27/03/2023 21:21:11
Dear community,

first of all I apologize because I am not good at bureaucracy. On the other hand, I am not very clear about the previous message. If the issue is that I am posting in the github discussion forum and here at the same time, it is because I interpreted that it had to be done this way reading this thread. Github does not have an alert system to subscribe to threads. If what the previous message refers to is that I have spoken twice about the tests, it is because I left the first thread as solved because the colleague who answered clarified the doubts I had and I understand that this matter should be opened in a new thread.

I take this opportunity to confirm that I still have doubts. I am not sure how to confirm that the session is closed and there is no thread or cache that is messing up the tests.

El lun, 27 mar 2023 a las 17:47, Pedro M. Baeza (<>) escribió:
Please don't cross post. Write in one place or the other, not in both.


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