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Optimize the fulfillment of the palets

Akretion France, Paul Goubert
- 27/03/2023 11:28:01
Hello all, 

I’ve a use case where maybe the community can has experience

I would like to sell products by units, packages in box, and then stored on palets.  So far Ok. 
Then, i want to apply different price on the product base on the quantity contained on parcels, or palets.     
For example, 1 box contain 10 products,
1 palet contain 10 box, (100 products)

In order to encourage the customer to order by pallets units instead of products units, would like to apply a lowest price for pallets units rounding. That mean the product unit price will be higher if the customer order 9 or 11 boxes instead of 10. 

Basically, we want to optimize the fulfillment of the palets,

Any suggestion ?

Nice week to everyone. 

Paul Goubert
Fonctionnal support ERP Odoo