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Re: Proposing jbaudoux as PSC for stock*/wms

Camptocamp France SAS, Matthieu Méquignon
- 09/03/2023 12:58:30
On 3/9/23 12:47, Jacques-Etienne Baudoux wrote:

> Hello,


> It has been quite some years now that I've been working on the design, 

> roadmap & review of the logistics stack in the OCA.

> I'm happy the user base is growing and many contributors are helping 

> to improve the features over the years. I'm involved as architect on 

> more and more logistics projects with several odoo integrators and 

> this allows us to continuously enhance the stack while keeping it the 

> most generic.

> We have done many improvements the last months on v14 & v16. And, in 

> parallel, since a few months now, we have also started the process of 

> migrating a lot of modules to v16.


> I'd like to have the role of PSC on all the logistics repositories. I 

> would also like to participate in the merging process of the approved 

> modules.


> Kind regards

> Jacques-Etienne Baudoux

> github: jbaudoux


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