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Re: Proposal: add a forum

ClosingAp Open Source Integrators Europe, LDA, Daniel Reis
- 01/03/2023 11:09:17
I sympathize with this proposal.
We could experiment with it and confirm it could replace the Contributors mailing list.

A candidate for this might be

It already holds reference documents, such as CONTRIBUTING or Bylaws.
I can see it as the central place for global documentation regarding OCA, like an entry door to the community.
I don't think a PSC would be needed for it.


On 01/03/2023 09:16, Jairo Llopis wrote:
Hello! I want to propose something I hope will help everybody communicate better :)

Many of you might have notice that since long ago Github includes a discussions feature that can be enabled per repo.

Since not-so-long ago, there's a possibility to enable discussions for a whole organization. The implementation is rather simple: just select one repo from the org that becomes the "main forum repo".

Communicating through mailing lists looks very old-fashioned these days. 🧓 Every decent community has a decent forum, be it discourse or github discussions or whatever.

IMHO the best solution would be:
  1. Create a new repo. We can call it "community" or "oca-forum" or "oca-discuss"... you name it
  2. PSC for this repo would be community moderators. Maybe a new PSC group?
  3. Set it as main discussion repo, organization-wide.
  4. Gradually deprecate the mailing list.
Benefits of this approach:
  1. Look more modern.
  2. We can edit answers.
  3. We can put polls.
  4. We don't need to send mails with +1.
  5. We can link to comments.
  6. Community discussion more close to where the community actually works.
  7. Less things to maintain in
That doesn't mean we can't enable discussions for specific repos, to become more focused, just like it's done in OpenUpgrade. But at least we have a general place to talk asynchronously about general stuff, just like we have the Matrix/Discord community for synchronous communication.


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