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Re: write access to repositories for oca-git-bot

NimarosaDev, Nicolas Rodriguez Sande
- 23/02/2023 01:34:10
Yes the access is denied because the option o allow or not maintainers to push to PRs branch. 

Anyways, the allow maintainers to push to the branch option is enabled by default and a lot of people leave it enabled, so the rebase command continue being useful for those cases. 

Maybe a solution for this is to create a new command on the push level, like: 

/ocabot merge patch —rebase 

So the bot can rebase the PR when creating the merge branch so it don’t need access to PR repository. What do you think? 

El El mié, 22 de feb. de 2023 a la(s) 08:06, Stéphane Bidoul <> escribió:
Hi Hugues,

Last time I checked it was not possible for organizations to allow maintainers to push to their PRs. It was only possible for individual contributors.

So this effectively limits the usefulness of the /ocabot rebase command.

Best regards,


On Wed, Feb 22, 2023 at 11:57 AM hugues de keyzer <> wrote:


maybe this is documented somewhere but i could not find the information.

for the /ocabot rebase command to work, oca-git-bot needs write access to the repository that contains the branch. without it, it fails like this:

The rebase process failed, because command git push --force coopiteasy tmp-pr-40:12.0-cooperator_website_add_validation_hook failed with output:

remote: Permission to coopiteasy/cooperative.git denied to OCA-git-bot.
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

how is this supposed to be handled? should oca-git-bot be part of our github organization? i invited it, thinking that maybe it auto-accepts invites, but nothing changed.

what should i do?


coop it easy

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