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Re: Odoo -- Community v Enterprise Questions

MetricWise, Inc., Adam Heinz
- 08/02/2023 15:27:49
On Tue, Feb 7, 2023 at 9:57 PM Dev <> wrote:

In terms of usage, installing the Enterprise version from source using Docker is complicated and poorly documented.

I'm a little surprised by this statement. I prototyped Enterprise a few times between v12 and v15 and seem to recall it being no more than adding an /mnt/enterprise-addons volume on top of the standard odoo:12-15 docker container. We do the exact same type of mounting for our own custom development and also for OCA modules. We ultimately decided not to go with it due to cost and legal arbitration being in Europe, but I still press my face up against the glass and stare longingly at the Spreadsheets module. ;-)