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Re: Website - download content

Coop IT Easy SC agréée, Rémy Taymans
- 02/02/2023 20:25:21

Here at Coop IT Easy, we have developped a module named document_hosting that seams to do what you are looking for.

It let you upload documents (any type) with the backend interface. You can group them by categories. You can set if the document is public or not.

On the website there is an url which display the public documents for unconnected users and also the "private" document for connected users.

It is used on production for BEES coop, Brussels, Belgium :

This module needs documentation (readme is empty) and if you find it interesting, it would be nice to put it somewhere on an OCA repository (don't know which one is the best).
Also, small screen design of the web page can be improved but it's fuctionnal.

This module may also need to be migrated on newer odoo version (12.0 for the moment).

The slide show option that you requested may be done by simply creating a new page with a new design by extending this module. Images can by uploaded like other documents via the admin interface.

Best regards,

Le 2 février 2023 14:07:40 GMT+01:00, Torvald Baade Bringsvor <> a écrit :

Have a prospect that wants website users to be able to download content in the form of PDF or PPT files, possibly grouped into categories or themes. Which module would be a good fit for that?

Also is there like a module for a photo album/slideshow? They have quite a few historical photos they want to display.

Torvald Baade Bringsvor
Bringsvor Consulting AS - Developer, consultant, allrounder

Tel (+47) 4548 2848

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