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Re: Odoo -- Community v Enterprise Questions

Ridge Works Software, Arthur Franklin Smith
- 30/01/2023 01:23:13
In addition to Odoo S.A. sales, you could work with an Odoo partner to have your questions about Enterprise answered.

But any documentation you read regarding installation and tasks related to hosting Enterprise will (most likely) be compatible with Community (e.g. the addons startup parameter). There are many different Odoo modules available for use, including those from OCA and Odoo S.A. (Enterprise apps). And there's going to be some overlap between what options there are under the "free to use" and Enterprise modules. You can pick the installation and selection of modules that fit your use case. But if you want Enterprise modules, then you'll need an Enterprise license as already mentioned.

You are correct that Odoo Enterprise (from Odoo S.A.) is licensed on a per user basis, but that environment can be hosted on-premise (your case), on Odoo on-line (cheaper hosting from Odoo S.A.) or with (CI/CD option from Odoo S.A., also supports installation modules not published by Odoo S.A.)


On Sun, Jan 29, 2023 at 6:58 PM Dominique k <> wrote:
Hi Charles,

The best place to get info on odoo enterprise is .. odoo sales :-)
if you want to test drive it, you can register an online account, and they will contact you.

To get odoo enterprise on a self hosted server, you need to get a license first.

On Mon, 30 Jan 2023 at 01:31, Charles Gucker <> wrote:

       I'm new to the Odoo community.   I ran across Odoo while
looking for a Point of Sale for my girlfriend's business (brick and
mortar), but alas, we have been using GoHighLevel which has a lot of
overlap with Odoo.   As a result, I was looking at the offerings from
Odoo with respect to the community edition and the enterprise
editions.   But from what I can tell, enterprise subscriptions must
pay per user and must host the deployment.

      I wear a number of hats at a number of different companies, such
as the requirement for my girlfriend's business below, a not for
profit corporation, which could benefit greatly from efforts in Odoo,
as well as my full time job, which could use Odoo as a cloud services
provider for internal accounting and forecasting purposes.

      All in all, I've been in the Internet industry for a long time
and have my own cabinet in a well connected data center with plenty of
compute and storage capabilities, so naturally, I would like to self
host.   I spent a few hours trying to find Odoo resources, which is
how I found my way here.  I also looked through the App directory, but
I was having a hard time reconciling the App directory with the
offerings included within the enterprise license.    Does anybody have
a pointer to a URL, or documents, which go into any level of detail on
how to create the enterprise experience in a self-hosted environment?
  As a side note, I would like to whitelabel the URL for my
girlfriend's business.   Further, I would want to nest multiple client
instances within a deployment (for her clients' environments) and then
be able to white label a specific clients environment, but that's a
longer term vision.

     Any help that could be provided to point me in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated.    I see a lot of personal use
cases for Odoo, but am struggling to see where the current lines have
been drawn between enterprise and community.

Thank you in advance,

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