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Odoo -- Community v Enterprise Questions

- 29/01/2023 18:26:08

       I'm new to the Odoo community.   I ran across Odoo while
looking for a Point of Sale for my girlfriend's business (brick and
mortar), but alas, we have been using GoHighLevel which has a lot of
overlap with Odoo.   As a result, I was looking at the offerings from
Odoo with respect to the community edition and the enterprise
editions.   But from what I can tell, enterprise subscriptions must
pay per user and must host the deployment.

      I wear a number of hats at a number of different companies, such
as the requirement for my girlfriend's business below, a not for
profit corporation, which could benefit greatly from efforts in Odoo,
as well as my full time job, which could use Odoo as a cloud services
provider for internal accounting and forecasting purposes.

      All in all, I've been in the Internet industry for a long time
and have my own cabinet in a well connected data center with plenty of
compute and storage capabilities, so naturally, I would like to self
host.   I spent a few hours trying to find Odoo resources, which is
how I found my way here.  I also looked through the App directory, but
I was having a hard time reconciling the App directory with the
offerings included within the enterprise license.    Does anybody have
a pointer to a URL, or documents, which go into any level of detail on
how to create the enterprise experience in a self-hosted environment?
  As a side note, I would like to whitelabel the URL for my
girlfriend's business.   Further, I would want to nest multiple client
instances within a deployment (for her clients' environments) and then
be able to white label a specific clients environment, but that's a
longer term vision.

     Any help that could be provided to point me in the right
direction would be greatly appreciated.    I see a lot of personal use
cases for Odoo, but am struggling to see where the current lines have
been drawn between enterprise and community.

Thank you in advance,