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Re: Start with contributing, Git-rookie

, Nils Coenen
- 28/01/2023 16:49:18

Thanks for the hint with runboat. Old blog info was sticking to my memory…




Von: Tom Blauwendraat <>
Antworten an: "Odoo Community Association (OCA) Contributors" <>
Datum: Samstag, 28. Januar 2023 um 15:42
An: Contributors <>
Betreff: Re: Start with contributing, Git-rookie


Hi Nils! There is nothing you can break when opening a Pull Request to OCA, or pushing to it. Even if you tried to, you would not be able to bring new code directly into OCA repos, because only the maintainers are able to do so, by merging Pull Requests. And that can only happen after a review by someone else. So no worries in that regard - you won't break anything.

The challenge comes in getting your Pull Requests accepted by OCA, for which there are quite a lot of guidelines:

Then, you need to find at least 2 people that want to review your Pull Request. What can work is to review other people's pull requests, then ask them to review in return. A review does not have to be a code review - it can also be a functional review, which comes down to testing someone's (changes to) a module, either by installing them yourself somewhere, or testing them on "Runboat".

Cheers and welcome to the OCA.


On 1/28/23 14:32, Nils Coenen wrote:

Dear OCA contributers,

i just started getting into supporting oca modules. Or rather thats my goal. Up to now… just in theory of course. I already read a lot of theory and want to hop to the next step.

Before stepping into practice i just wanted to make sure, that i can not do something wrong. As long as i push my commits to my git repo (forked from oca) there is nothing i can interfer with right?

Also the pull request won´t take effect on oca repos, as long as is it checked and permitted by appropriate members right? I did understand it this way. But want to avoid any conflicts upfront.

Probably  it will take some practical experience to adapt to the oca conventions in the required way. Looking forward to it!


A short feedback on this would be great.


Cheers Nils


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