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mass_editing_module and auth_brute_force - issue fixing and migration to v13.

Baxter Thompson Ltd
- 26/01/2023 07:41:33
Hi OCA contributors

I hope you are well. Rather than calling out issues, I have asked the team at  to make the mass_editing module work in v13 CE, or at least my install. The auth_brute_force still on v11 is still on the table but for a go-live I am currently working on I am looking at the editing module first.

I don't think Broadtech are members - I have a github account jbgraffiti so I suppose they could commit to that and then I relay the changes to be proposed branches

Is there a how-to doc on submitting and reviewing code in github and how do I get access so I can set up a call with them and figure the process of getting fixes updated in OCA branches

Many thanks
Jon Baxter
(I came to OCA days back in October and became a member last year)