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Size of ir.translation table over total db size

Sicurpharma Srl, Francesco Foresti
- 24/01/2023 19:08:03
Hi all, 

we've recently found out that on a "clean" db (not yet in production), with around 350 modules installed and no customer data imported, the ir.translation table occupies about 95% of the space - about 9GB. Just two languages are enabled.

On another db in production since 2+ years, out of 7,5 GB of the db size, ir.translations occupies 21% of the space (1,6GB). Just one language is enabled here.

We were a bit surprised to find out about the table size and we're looking for feedback on whether these proportions sound "regular" to you. 



Francesco Foresti
Sicurpharma Srl