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Re: [FIX]:Weblate - use po file download/upload - revisions

Sergio Zanchetta
- 23/01/2023 11:34:15

Il giorno dom 22 gen 2023 alle ore 11:27 Stéphane Bidoul <> ha scritto:
We discussed a translation review mechanism before, I think, but IIRC we concluded we need a process first.

Yes, you are right. :-)

Below, as italian community in addition to Stefano answers, you can find a proposal.


Here are a few questions that come to mind. There might be more.

- Clearly define the problem we are attempting to solve? For instance, Is it "vandalism" of existing translations (this could be solved by banning offenders)? Or is it incorrect/low quality new translations (which can be fixed easily after the fact, I suppose)? Or something else?

The second one. Incorrect/low level translations, not only new, that don't follow current community guidelines and glossaries (language specific).

- What would be the process to appoint/elect reviewers? Currently we accept anyone who asks.
- How to make sure translation proposals are not stuck for too long waiting for review?

I would replicate Transifex structure or similar, if possible. Here is a proposal:
- Anyone can be accepted as translator, strings are pushed as soon as translated. (or on a periodic basis)
- There is a reviewer role, reviewed strings are freezed and can't be changed by translators.
-  The coordinator role has reviewer power and can appoint translators as reviewers.

The coordinator could be nominated by each localization repository PSC. (l10n-*)
He would be in charge of appointing reviewers evaluating the quality of their translations over time, based on guidelines/glossary compliance.

- Should/can we enable the review process per language? This may be important as not all language communities have the resources to have dedicated reviewers.

Sure, I add that not all communities have translation guidelines. [*]

[*] e.g. italian guidelines (and glossaries)